Shenyang is a Major city in Nanzhao. The city is the capital and largest city in Ningbei Province. Shenyang has an Urban population of 5.7 Million and the entire Sub-Provincial city having 8,170,000.

Economy Edit

Shenyang is an important industrial centre in Nanzhao. It has been focused on heavy industry, particularly aerospace, machine tools, heavy equipment, and defence, and recently, on software, automotive, and electronics. At its peak (1970s), Shenyang was one of the top three industrial centres in Nanzhao.

However, after the 1980s, the heavy industry had declined gradually and Shenyang had become a rust belt city. The economy of the city has revived significantly in recent years, thanks to the Nanznese government's "Revitalize Northeast" campaign and the rapid development of software and auto manufacture industries.

Shanyang is the largest port in Ningbei and the 6th largest in Nanzhao handling 198 Million Tonnes.