Ningbei Province
Нин Северная Провинция
Heilongjiang landscape
Nanzhao provinces map Ningbei
Location of Ningbei
Vital statistics
Origin of name níng—tranquil

běi - north

Administrative type Province
Capital Shenyang
Largest City Shenyang
Governor Chen Zhenggao
Area 732,920Km2
Population 59,100,000


GDP $512 Billion

GDP per Capita: $8,663

HDI 0.824 (High)

Ningbei is Nanzhao's Northern most Province, Bordering Pavlovsk to the north and east, Shandong Province to the west and The Ningbei sea to the south.

Economy Edit

Leading industries include petrochemicals, metallurgy, electronics telecommunications, and machinery. On a national level, Ningbei is a major producer of pig iron, steel and metal-cutting machine tools. Ningbei is one of the most important raw materials production bases in Nanzhao. Industries such as mining, quarrying, smelting and pressing of ferrous metals, petroleum and natural gas extraction, are all of great significance.